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You want to make your first order? Alphitan-Trading invite you to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Browse the site and find your articles

To find the items of your choice you have three solutions to facilitate your search.

Search your articles by Families articles.
On the upper side of the page, find the families of items. By moving your cursor over them you discover the different sub-
families specifically directing you to the items sought.

Search your articles by Mark.
On the left side of the page, you can find different brands of products we offer. By clicking on the desired brand you
find all items of this brand available in Alphitan-Trading.

Search your articles through the search engine.
On the upper right side of the page, you can use the search engine by typing the keyword to your need.

Step 2: Select your product (s)

Click on the selected item to access its page where you will find all the necessary information to inform you
more about its features.
Once in the material, enter a description at the bottom of the desired amount of units.
Then click the "Checkout" button to confirm your choice and add this item to your cart.
Note that you also have the ability to tell a (e) friend (s) section of your choice by clicking the "Send to a button (s)
Friend (s) ".

Step 3: Fill in your cart.

After clicking the "Checkout" button, a message is displayed and your offer two possibilities:
- Continue Shopping seeking other articles on Electronic Motion, which will automatically complete your basket
- Go directly to your cart to validate and complete your order.

Step 4: Your cart

Once finished selecting your items then go to your cart.

This presents clear:
- The items you have selected.
- The selected quantities per item.
- The price of each item.
- Your total.

We advise you to check the various constituents your cart before validating.

A field is at your disposal to give us any comments you would like to provide us with your

Step 5: Create your account

When it comes to your first order of Alphitan-Trading, you must create an account in order to provide us with the necessary elements to
good handling of your order. The requested information is simple: billing address, delivery, a way to
contact in case of need ... .
When you create an account, a password will be required for you to access, when you want your
account and place a new order without having to re-enter this information.

Step 6: Complete your order

Once finished creating your account, you continue the process control (choice of mode of delivery and
Regulation) to secure payment.
After checkout, you will receive a confirmation email, therefore our team will ship your items to you.
To discover the different modes of payment allowed on Alphitan-Trading, click here.
For further information, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.